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Video Testimonials – Why Are They So Important?

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are becoming more and more popular with our clients as businesses recognise the huge, positive impact they deliver. We like to think of them as the digital equivalent of the traditional word-of-mouth recommendation. Video testimonials are now an essential weapon in any self-respecting marketing toolkit. The massive advantage over word-of-mouth is that they can be easily distributed on-mass, the message can be controlled and they last forever.

Practicing What We Preach!

We have been producing video testimonials for our clients for years. Recently we decided it was about time we followed our own advice and put into practice what we had been preaching. Thankfully our clients were only too happy to oblige so we put one of our film crews to work. Rather than doing anything prescriptive we simply let the customer talk. Our producers kicked things off by asking one thing…
“Tell us what you think about working with VideoFirst“.

The first video testimonial we produced was with Michael Evans, The Group Communications Director for Greencore PLC. (Click HERE to watch it). Michael very kindly gave a direct and honest appraisal of the video production service we provide to his business throughout the UK. His video testimonial was sent by VideoTXT to all our staff which made us all feel very proud. Everyone within our organisation watched it and gave it a resounding 10/10.


What Are The Benefits Of Video Testimonials?

There are lots of benefits that come from using video testimonials within your business.
Some are visible and others take a little longer to materialise.
The benefits of using video testimonials include;

› Positive impact with staff and stakeholders
› Cement long term client relationships
› Build trust with prospective clients
› Delivers honest feedback in a unique way
› Provides thrid party insight into your business
› Easy to post to social media
› Easy to distribute via videotxt or email
› Looks great on linkedin profiles
› Prompts prospective clients to make contact
› Creates opportunities with your clients colleagues
› Slots straight into sales presentations
› Engages delegates at exhibitions
› Impresses your boss!
› Low cost to produce (call us!)
› High return on investment
› Easy to replicate across your client base

What Do Video Testimonials Cost To Produce?

The cheapest option is to shoot it yourself on your iPhone and we have seen some pretty good attempts. The reality is that if you value your reputation and want to portray a profession image to your audience [and the client that is being filmed] the best option is to hire a professional video production company and do it properly. The elements you need to consider include location, lighting, audio, music track, stylist, make-up, style, camera and lens choice, edit, graphics, branding and colour grade. You’ll also need to get official clearance from your client. Here at VideoFirst we can make your life easy for you by providing a creative hassle-free service with guaranteed long term brand consistency for your organisation. Contact us today and we would be delighted to talk to you about all your future video testimonials.

Click here to watch some of our own client video testimonials.

Special thanks to Michael Evans; @mevansnow

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