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Remember When We Used To Make Music Videos?

Back in the day we all thought we’d get rich making music videos! It was a great idea and amazing fun but the harsh reality is that making money out of producing music videos is a very tough call. From memory we stopped promoting the service in 2010 after several years of flogging a dead horse. It wasn’t that we were hopeless at it (far from the contrary!) or that we weren’t getting any enquiries for music videos; It was simply that we couldn’t ever make any real money out of it. We tried everything… talking to bands, record companies, radio stations, PR, advertising, competitions you name it. And we weren’t short of enquiries either. At one point we were fielding an enquiry a day from ‘the next big thing’ and they all wanted professionally shot music videos. The problem was none of them had any money which in a way is kind of sad because some of them had potential and most of them were really cool people.

Typically the call went like this:

BAND: “Hey, you guys make really cool videos and we want one for our band. We’re called Furious Fish Fingers!”
US: “Whooohoooo. What’s your production budget?”
BAND: “It’s huge. We want to shoot it on top of a mountain and we’ll get there on the back of elephants! Big grey ones.”
US: “Oh yeah? What’s your production budget?”
BAND: “Man, we’re gonna kill this. It’s our debut. We need loads of hot girls too. In spandex.”
US: “Like Olivia Newton-John? What’s your production budget?”
BAND: “Film us flying off on a magic carpet at the end! With the girls!”
US: “What’s your production budget?”
BAND: “It’s a number one if I’ve ever heard on. Let me hum it to you down the phone.”
US: “Production budget?”
BAND: “And another thing…”
BAND: “Huh?”
US: “Goodbye.”

And so it went on. From offers of free tickets to £200 and a crate of Stella Artois. No one had any money. One route we experimented with artist collaboration and other directors / producers from around the world. We had things going on in France, India, Florida, Dubai and Italy but guess what! They all said the same thing… We love this but we’re never going to get rich! So one day in 2010 we stopped offering music videos as a service and stuck the current showreel on the shelf where it remained until now!

Are we making a comeback you ask? No. Absolutely not!


Ironically a couple of years after we put a stop to it all we did two more music videos that were both a great success. We made one for FAST LANE [REAL] in return for some website work [Pezzo is a first class code monkey] and another one for ANNIE KHALID [BE MY BABY] which had a half decent budget and made it to Number One in the charts in about six countries. Funny that.

Any way, enough anecdotes about music videos. Let’s get back to making some money.


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