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National Reach, Local Focus

What Do We Mean By National Reach Local Focus”?

Ahhhh… the million dollar question. Literally. The second biggest challenge we have faced since this business was founded has been in achieving national reach local focus. By this we mean being able to offer the same level of creativity service and attention to detail to global brands as we did from day one to our local clients. In other words how could we maintain the best possible video production service nationwide without ever missing a beat. The truth is that it wasn’t easy.


So, How Did We Do It?

Basically we started small but always harboured huge ambition. The Directors of the company set down some core principles that we have stuck too religiously and it has paid off making us the UK’s market leaders in corporate video production. Over since 2007 we have grown out of all recognition as an organisation but the fundamentals remain the same. Our ground rules for national reach local focus include;

Original Ideas › Our creative is world class and we never copy competitors
Best Equipment › We always buy the latest and greatest in video production kit
Self Contained › All our staff and equipment are in-house and we rarely use freelancers
Rapid Response › We offer same day quotes, shoots, edits and fast project turnarounds
Organic Growth › We ploughed our profits back into the business year after year
Self Financing › We remain cash positive at all times with no borrowing or credit
Technology Focused › Our group built VideoCloud and invented VideoTXT
Results Driven › Time after time we provide an unrivalled return on investment for clients
Unbeatable Value › London quality, Northern prices. We offer a unique Price Match Policy


What Benefits Does This Bring To Our Clients?

In a word LOTS. In another word, SUCCESS. With VideoFirst you are in safe hands. Our clients enjoy a genuine full service experience at the right price. In a historically disparate industry you won’t be wondering about things like; “Do they actually have their own studios or are they really working from home?”, “Will I be dealing with the same creatives and crew on my next job or will they have moved onto another freelance project?” or “Is this idea original or will I find out in a few months time they pinched it of somebody else?”. It’s important stuff.

It also means that on a nationwide basis we can deliver local knowledge and expertise at speed and at the right price. With an unrivalled track record of 400+ clients and 4,000+ successful projects under our belt we know the formula works. It makes us proud to continue represent all our original local customers as well as global brands such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, BP, Ladbrokes, Boots, BBC Worldwide, M&C Saatchi to name a few.

Delivering National Reach Local Focus


From a logistical point of view nationwide coverage is also hard to perfect. We did it by initially providing coverage in key client cities and counties in England. We then moved to support in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and then to The Republic of Ireland… picking up many new clients along the way. We drove it all from out long-established headquarters and TV Studios in Leeds which just happened to be geographically located in the very centre of the UK! We didn’t plan that bit 🙂

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Wondering what the biggest challenge we faced / continue to face is?
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