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Interactive X Factor Xmas Number 1 Video

With talk of Christmas flying around the office we thought we’d take a look back at the first interactive video VideoFirst ever made. It was part of an XFactor Xmas Number One promotional campaign for Bauer Media. The concept was simple. We got pop stars to hold up a CD (yes a CD! They were still popular in 2011) and congratulate the user on being the artist who’d made it to the Christmas number one slot in the charts. The CD we used contained blue screen material and had tracking points printed on it. This enabled us to make the video interactive later on in post production. Back then the technology we had to use to make it work was Adobe Flash. We do it a much more efficient way these days. Every video was different after listeners were invited to upload their photos to their local radio station website and our Flash software engine superimposed their faces into the sequence then rendered the final sequence almost immediately.

X Factor Christmas Number One Video; The Pre-Render Version

Listeners to the Bauer Media radio stations were invited by DJ’s across the country to upload their photo to a dedicated page on their radio stations website and within seconds we had generated a personalised video for them. The listener starred in their own video and was able to post it to their Facebook page. We achieved the speed by cutting the video in two halves and only having the interactive element in the second half. While the first half was streaming in the second half was rendering so the experience was seamless. Bauer Media Group owns more than eighty influential media brands spanning a wide range of interests, including Heat, GRAZIA, Closer, MCN, FHM, Parker’s, MATCH, Magic 105.4, Kiss 100, Kerrang!, Q and the Big City Network, plus twenty local radio stations.

Users visiting their sites were able to add their own name, upload their own photo and watch themselves being hailed as the next big thing in the music industry and get crowned the UK’s Christmas Number One by pop stars such as Pixie Lott, Olly Murs, The Saturdays, Eliza Dolittle, The Wanted, Duffie, Joe McElderry and Scouting for Girls. We were one of the first video production conpany’s to launch a main stream interactive video of such complexity and it clocked up hundreds of thousands of views. The campaign was nominated for a Sony Radio Academy Award.

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Producing an interactive video is a cost effective process because we film the content and write the code in-house. We are experts in HTML and Flash Interactivity with social integration across all platforms including Facebook Connect. Interactive videos are a hot topic right now. We can make all your video content interactive whether it be website introductions, games, quizzes, competitions, data collection, e-commerce, video commerce, Facebook Connect or something totally bespoke for your business. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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