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404 error page fullscreen video

404 Error Page With Fullscreen Video

Humans make errors. Computers don’t. Or at least that’s what we are led to believe. In the world of website development the parlance used for an error page is a ‘404’. A 404 error page can rear it’s ugly head at any time; broken links, out of date sitemaps, incorrect spelling in URL’s etc… Most…

Love Video Production

10 Reasons Why…

We think you will LOVE working with us… Here are the top ten reasons why 🙂 FIRST CLASS SERVICE Nobody in the video production business will give you a level of service and dedication like VideoFirst. We offer 24/7 nationwide coverage and all our clients benefit from their own dedicated full-time video producer with out-of…


Interactive X Factor Xmas Number 1 Video

With talk of Christmas flying around the office we thought we’d take a look back at the first interactive video VideoFirst ever made. It was part of an XFactor Xmas Number One promotional campaign for Bauer Media. The concept was simple. We got pop stars to hold up a CD (yes a CD! They were still…


Thank You Ladbrokes!

Did you know VideoFirst have been supplying Ladbrokes with video creation, production, distribution and monetisation services for the past 7 years and they often rank as one of our best clients? To celebrate this fact we wanted to find a way to say “thank you Ladbrokes!”. As Kammy Would Say “It’s been Unbeleivable!” We thought the…


Remember When We Used To Make Music Videos?

Back in the day we all thought we’d get rich making music videos! It was a great idea and amazing fun but the harsh reality is that making money out of producing music videos is a very tough call. From memory we stopped promoting the service in 2010 after several years of flogging a dead…

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials – Why Are They So Important?

Video testimonials are becoming more and more popular with our clients as businesses recognise the huge, positive impact they deliver. We like to think of them as the digital equivalent of the traditional word-of-mouth recommendation. Video testimonials are now an essential weapon in any self-respecting marketing toolkit. The massive advantage over word-of-mouth is that they…

Creating Video Showreel

Creating Showreels And Why Producing Your Own Is So Tricky

VideoFirst have a decade of experience creating SHOWREELS for ourselves, our core video production services, clients, advertising agencies, creative agencies, pr agencies and even other video production companies. It never fails to amaze us how tricky it can be to get it right. We suspect it’s a bit like asking the question “why are painter…

revolutionise internal communications video

How To Revolutionise Internal Communications

Nothing with connect with your workforce like video. Not only are we the market leaders in internal communications video production but we are also the only company in the world that can deliver your videos instantly to the mobile phones of all your staff. The impact this has is incredible and we have clients like…


National Reach, Local Focus

What Do We Mean By National Reach Local Focus”? Ahhhh… the million dollar question. Literally. The second biggest challenge we have faced since this business was founded has been in achieving national reach local focus. By this we mean being able to offer the same level of creativity service and attention to detail to global…