VideoFirst RedStar

Video Production For Brands

Hello! We’re the video production company you’ve been looking for…
We produce fabulous motion content for brands and agencies worldwide.
From corporate videos to TV commercials. From animation to aerial filming.
We’re famous for sensible costs and a huge capacity for broadcast quality work.

~ Greencore Testimonial ~

500+ Happy Clients

Our business was founded in 2004 and the timing was perfect;
The production industry was about to be revolutionised by technology.
Companies were starting to think about how video could be deployed online.
There was insane talk of magical ‘smart’ mobile phones that would change the world.

~ CitiPark Testimonial ~

5,000+ Projects

We have filmed in every single town and city in the UK.
International capabilities have been tested across 36 countries.
To date we have, hired, trained and employed more than 220 people.
Over 850 trusted freelancers help power our growth, quality and creativity.

~ Forrest Testimonial ~

Advantage For Sale

Yes we can produce fabulous content but the magic doesn’t stop there.
Being part of a larger videocentric media group gives our clients an advantage.
It allows us to provide the widest range of professional and creative services possible;
Advertising, branding, copywriting, design, marketing, software, streaming, websites etc…

~ Broughton Software Testimonial ~

First Class Service World Class Creative

What sets us apart is our ability to take on any brief, for any purpose.
We constantly deliver, on time, on brief and on-budget across endless sectors.
Clients benefit from award winning ideas, strategy and a unique Price Match Policy.
Mix it with our passion, innovation and common sense. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

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