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404 Error Page With Fullscreen Video

404 error page fullscreen video

Humans make errors. Computers don’t. Or at least that’s what we are led to believe.
In the world of website development the parlance used for an error page is a ‘404’.

A 404 error page can rear it’s ugly head at any time; broken links, out of date sitemaps, incorrect spelling in URL’s etc… Most 404 error pages are butt ugly and tell you very little. When our video web developers were re-building the latest VideoFirst video production website we wanted to have a bit of fun with our 404 error page. Naturally we wanted to use video.

Telling you this upfront kind of spoils the surprise that you would have got had you landed on it in error. Perhaps telling you now is also an error? We have no idea. Regardless, here is a deliberately broken link that deliberately doesn’t go any where so we can deliberately show you the 404 error.

We hope you like our take on the 404 page especially the use of full screen video.
Houston, we may still have a problem but at least we made you smile 🙂

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